Monday, January 04, 2010


As a sugar-conscious family, we don't allow our kids to eat candy or chocolate or sugary drinks.

Now, what they actually consume is an entirely different matter. What with random parties at school, and overly generous kids "sharing" at all the wrong times, and brothers from Texas who slip ultra-double-super-chocolate chocolate chip cookies into the Christmas gift package totally unbeknownst to ME!!!


Pardon the tangential detour. It's totally my mother's fault. (Stop nodding your head, Sara.)

Point was, we were at the grocery store (at least one of the 50 times in the days leading up to the holidays) and were in the cereal aisle to pick up our usual Cheerio trio (Honey Nut, Fruity, and Banana Nut), when Saia pointed at the Rice Krispies and asked, in her very typical passive-aggressive way, "Mmm...I wonder if those would taste good with marshmallows and sprinkles?"

"Saita," I sing-song back, "have we HAD Rice Krispies Treats at school that Mama doesn't know about?"

"Well, yes," she admits, "but I took off all the bad stuff and they were still yummy!"

So, I wander over to the offensive puffy grain and pluck a box of the generic brand off the shelf, all ready to prove my point to her about how it's got too much sugar and, therefore, bad for you, and therefore, not allowed. As I turn it over searching for the nutritional chart, scowl on my face, argument forming in my head, I am crushed to find that there's literally nothing in there. Frantically, I reach for the marshmallow fluff. Surely, IT'S loaded down with fructose and sucrose and all the other toses that make my children crazy and have America handcuffed to our sweet addictions and bathroom scales.

And guess what I found.

Go ahead. Guess.

8 grams of sugar. EIGHT.

I was shocked! I mean, there's less sugar in there than in the low-sugar jellies or ice creams I buy.

And no, I'm certainly not saying that rice krispy treats should become a staple at your every meal. And, of course, you can't go mixing in extra sugar or piling it high with frosting or sprinkles, but man, what a great little surprise for the kids (and Mama) every now and again, you know?

Whoda thunkit?

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