Friday, January 01, 2010


Startin' our new year off right (and just for the record, we're Team "Twenty Ten") with a casual, but oh-so-whiny 6-mile walk down to the lake with Mema.

No, seriously, we'd barely made that first turn when Chago started in with the "I'm tireds" and "my feet hurts." And every two seconds he was ready to sit and have a snack. And once he sat down to tie his shoe, it took me nearly 3 minutes to get him going again.

And although (and much to his further dismay), there weren't too many animal sightings (besides the usual duck and egret and unusually hirsute and profusely perspiring), we did spy a ton of people kicking of their Day 1 with some fresh air and exercise.

So, in line with trying to do it right from the get-go, a Happy Healthy Joyful New Year to all!

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sonia said...

6 miles?! Is that the same trail we walked when I went to visit and I said it was miles and miles, and you said it was just a short hike? No wonder Chago was hobbling along at the end of it.