Friday, January 22, 2010


In light of the very serious, very historical, very monumental legal battle over Prop8, punning about the Constitution hardly seems appropriate. But, oh well.

Saia at karate, signaling that her eye hurts.

First thing out of both our mouths from the sidelines is "just blink it out" and "just close your eyes for 5 seconds."

And then we both immediately burst into fits of laughter because we've got a looooong list of these. It really doesn't matter what's actually wrong with you, our first responses are always -- to EVERYTHING -- "you just need to go potty" or "you just need to eat something" or "you just need to drink more water."

And I can't shake the image of the father in My Big Fat Greek Wedding with a bottle of Windex in his hand.

But, evidently, in the eyes of mothers, the whole world's problems, didn't you know, can be solved by regular bowel movements?

I'm honestly considering calling Obama personally to give him the heads up. I think he could use some good solid advice right about now.

But anyway, I was wondering whether any of you have some tried and truisms that maybe we could add to our repertoire, you know, to shake things up a bit? But I'm telling you, if it turns out that most people feel that a little trip to the potty makes the whole world right, I'm putting together a petition for the President, folks. So, be prepared.

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