Saturday, January 02, 2010



I think they rode those beautiful little red flyer trikes maybe once after Santa brought them over 4 years ago. They're up in the garage now, gathering dust, still in pristine condition. I just can't bear to let them go.

And they still have never really gotten into the big kid bikes Santa got them a couple of years ago to replace them, despite the cool little Cali plates with their names on them, racing helmets, flaming elbow and knee pads, and everything.

And dammit if they still don't refuse to practice skating in those awesome sneaker skates with the pop-out wheels that they just got last year, for crissakes!

But it looks like Santa may have finally hit it right on the nose this year with the scooters.

Within minutes of popping out the handle bars this afternoon, Saia was flying around corners like Tony Hawk, her long brown locks flopping in the breeze, and a gentle whistle streaming through that huge gaping hole in the front of her mouth.

Santiago, on the other hand, was having a little more difficulty getting his feet off the ground, but man, did he have a good time just stomping along. Honestly, I think that anything that doesn't remotely resemble walking is an automatic thumbs-up in his book.

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