Thursday, January 19, 2006

Another Terrible Mom Moment

So, Monday was a holiday for the kids (MLK), but not for the rest of us, so Mommy and I split the day and everything worked out fine. Except for the fact that now our routine was off and, apparently, we're just as addicted to our routines as the kids are because we were so off our game on Tuesday morning that we forgot to take the kids' sheets and blankets that they need for naptime.

Of course, I don't realize this until I'm AT school, and can't possibly make the 30-minute trek back to the house to get them, so I was just about to make a Target run when the Asst. Director assures me they have extras that the kids can borrow, but we'll have to take them home to launder them before we return them.

Grateful, but feeling like the worst mother in the world, I go to work and pick the kids up a little early that afternoon.

The next morning and every morning since, Saia makes certain to ask me whether or not I've brought their sheets and blankets. "Yes, sweetheart," I say repentently. "I took them to school on Wednesday, remember?"

"Show me," she demands. So I do.

Wonder how long I'm gonna be paying for this one.

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