Friday, January 06, 2006

she finally made a joke of her own!!!

So, one of our big concerns has been that Saia almost always follows Chago's lead on pretty much everything -- he starts the games, if he's got something then she wants it, whatever he says she almost always agrees with, etc.

And about a year or so ago Chago had gotten hooked on this joke he took from a Baby Einstein video where these three carrots had been planted and were pulled one at a time from the ground. Well, when it was time for the last carrot to be pulled, instead out came a parrot. So, the whole joke was..."not parrot, CARROT!!!" And this has gone on for nearly 2 years -- not parrot, carrot; not parrot, carrot; not parrot, carrot. From both of them, at random times, for no reason at all, and they crack up. But the great thing about it was that they GOT the joke.

But we kept trying to encourage Saia to find her own joke that she GOT and LIKED and it just was not happening. That is, until this last weekend when we were driving to the mall and Mommy called some random road-rager a "big dork".

And from the back we hear Saia and Chago talking about the storks in Dumbo, when Saia suddenly bursts out with, "not stork, DORK!!!"

Success (sort of).

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