Friday, January 20, 2006

Swimmy Swimmertons

I almost forgot to tell you that they went swimming for the first time ever when we were in England. You should have seen their little faces when they saw that pool. It was everything we could do to keep them from running and swan diving into the deep end. But, unfortunately, you can't because we didn't take a single picture (how many bad-mama moments can I rake in this year?)!!! We did, however, get a little video (which I still have not yet figured out how to upload onto this blog).

Anyway, we got them those little arm floaties and then they each had one of those styrofoam noodles that I pretzled around their chests. The combination actually enabled them to swim completely on their own -- dog paddling and kicking their little hearts out all across the pool. It was a truly amazing sight to see. They played Nemo and Marlin and chased me all over. They splashed and swallowed too much chlorinated water and coughed and laughed and tired themselves out completely. It was wonderful. And the best part was that it was 40 degrees outside, so the heated pool was such a welcome break from the freezing cold -- and would've been perfect if we didn't have to compete with the 80-year old biddies who refused to veer from their lanes for even a second in order to make way for a two-year old.

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