Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Mini-Me's on the Loose

Okay, it's happening!!! E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G we say and do is being repeated and imitated by our little mini-me's every second of every day. And, I'll be the first to admit, I'm often a little embarrassed by the reflection.

It started pretty consistently when we were on vacation. I got a whole bunch of "good job, Mama" when I finished eating all the food on my plate, which typically garnered a number of giggles from the tables within earshot.

We got a ton of "we don't eat that" and "that's not good for you" whenever we tried to reach for anything with sugar or too much salt -- oh, that one ALWAYS gets a smirk from the waiter.

We now get reprimanded whenever we speak unkindly to one another ("Mommy, don't talk that way to Mama" or "Mama, you should say 'sorry' for hurting Mommy's feelings"), a point we're very seriously taking to heart these days.

And lately we've been getting a whole lot more of "don't talk with your mouth full" and "say excuse me when I'm talking," which, while appropriate, is becoming VERY annoying!!!

We also get reminded to say thank you and you're welcome if ever in a blue moon we should happen to forget. And very frequently, they will stand firm with furrowed brow and full pout in the middle of cold hallway until you very calmly and sincerely apologize for raising your voice and ask them nicely (for the 25th time!!!) to just quit running around naked already and put on their damn jammies!!!

When they play together, we often hear them tell each other "I need you to do [such and such], do you understand?" or "is that clear?" or "you're not listening to me."

And then, of course, there's the "Saia, if you do [this] then I'll give you [that]" (I know, I know, but bribery's such an easy lesson to learn -- primarily because it works!).

But overall, they are becoming quite the little people, these two. Still working through their tantrums now and then and still trying to establish their own identities and personal space, yes, but somehow (even despite our influence) turning into the most phenomenal little creatures, and I feel blessed every day to have been given this gift, and even more grateful to be able to appreciate it.

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