Thursday, January 26, 2006


Ryce and Reynita enjoying the remnants of our mutilated New Year's animal carcass (aka, hambones).

Not that we want to seem ungrateful or anything, but ever since these two came back from their stay at Doggy Beach Camp (2 weeks during our vacation and a week while we flew down to Texas), they've certainly become very full of themselves.

They're now terribly finicky eaters -- refusing to eat their food unless its drenched in warm gravy. They will not leave the house on the weekends -- trying desperately to maintain their pseudo indoor doggy status despite their stench and our preference otherwise.

They beg for food and follow us to the bedrooms (neither of which they were ever allowed to do before). And now, for whatever reason, they hold it until 3 am when they (and by they, I mean Reyna) begin to whine incessantly until we let her out to pee!!!

Now, granted, they have acquired some valuable and much needed social skills, and I do so much more prefer them eating at the table with a fork and knife, but come on!!! This is just too much.

I think the next time we leave, we're going to have to seriously consider leaving a note asking the deaf elderly lady next door who yells at them to watch them while we're gone -- just so they'll think they've got it good when we come back.

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