Wednesday, January 25, 2006


For the past 3 or 4 nights, Saia has gotten herself into this gawd-awful habit of waking up every two hours (literally) and screaming her head off for a randomly interchangeable number of things -- her blanket, the potty, a hug, her stuffy nose, her baby doll, etc -- which, one would think, once she received, would pacify her through til morning.

No such luck.

And the thing is that it probably wouldn't even be so unbearable if she just didn't go from dead sleep to hysterical in 2.5 seconds. We both snap awake, hearts pounding, springing out of bed to rush to her side because the blood-curdling screams could only mean that one of her limbs was ripped off by a monster and shoved up her left nostril in a million tiny pieces, right? But no. She's got one of these ridiculous little demands waiting for us, which, I gotta tell you, does not go over well at 3 am.

So last night, we actually got home in time for a bath, got everyone changed and in bed without too much incident, sang songs and tucked in all twenty fingers and toes, and slept fairly soundly until about 3am when we hear this high-pitched screech immediately followed by, "MOMMY!!! MAMA!!! WHERE ARE YOU?!?!?"
Sprinting to her side we find her..............snoring.

It was Chago. Of course. Ah, the neverending joy of multiples.

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