Monday, January 23, 2006


Alright, well it's not one of THOSE female topics. It's just about undergarments.

So, we were in our little hovel of a hotel in London scrambling to get all four of us changed to go out for our speed tour of the city when Chago suddenly screeches, "Mama, your butt is hanging out!!!"


I'm busily trying to tie Saia's shoe, zip her fleece, tighten her pony tails, and wrap her scarf when I hear Mommy laughing hysterically in the background.

"Mama, pick up your pants!" he demands. "Your panties don't fit you."

So, finally, I rotate towards him from my crouched position in the middle of the room, more than a little annoyed by this time, only to see him pointing at my rear with his left hand and covering his eyes with his right.

"Santiago, this is Mama's thong," I begin through gritted teeth while glaring at Amy out of the corner of my eye. "It's not meant to cover all of Mama's bottom and it's only showing because I'm crouched on the ground trying to get your sister dressed."

"Oh, okay," he says. "You should maybe not do that anymore."

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