Wednesday, April 05, 2006


"Oh, Saia, NOW I know how we can open the scorpion ball*," says Chago on the way to school this morning.

"How, Santiago? Please tell me," replies his sister somewhat mockingly.

"We can get it open because we have WHITE teeth," he says, as if he just found the cure for cancer.

"Oh!" she says, equally enthusiastic. "Good job! Now we know."

*scorpion ball is a little plastic bouncing ball from those .25cent machines that's got a clear cover and a plastic scorpion inside, whom they've been trying to free for over a year now.

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Sonya said...

Ugh... it drives me nuts when the girls' use their teeth to open whatever it is they are trying to open.

SUDDENLY they are feeling the independence and can't ask for help.

ODDLY they can't find this independence at other times of our day.