Monday, April 24, 2006

PUKARAMA (yes, again)

I know, I know, I still haven't uploaded the rest of the Easter photos or the video I keep promising, but I've got at least a handful of really good excuses, not the least of which involves all manner of regurgitation. But you don't wanna hear about that again, do you?

Well, too freaking bad. My blog. My choice.
Puke it is.
I don't know what hit her, but at 5:30 on Thursday afternoon as I was, literally, walking into her classroom to pick her up, Saia spewed all over the brand new colors and shapes carpet. Her substitute teacher looked at me like I should do something, and I'm thinking, hey, I'm not officially on the clock yet. You deal with it, lady!

But we eventually got her all cleaned up and changed, which was ultimately all in vain because she threw up 3 more times on the way home. And then every 15 minutes, it truly seemed like, until 5am on Friday. It stopped long enough to get everyone dressed and off to school. I had my fingers crossed all day that I wouldn't get the call from school. We got home, all was fine. Fed everyone rice. Went to sleep. At around 11pm, it was Mama's turn, and then not even an hour later, it hit Chago.
The weekend was miserable. Mommy must've done 20 loads of laundry. We went through every single towel and sheet in the house. We're out of bleach and PineSol and wipies. We're all pallid and hoarse and overdosing on Pedialyte popsicles.

It's been an exhausting couple of days. I'm so grateful to be at work today.


Sonya said...

Oh NO! Sounds like you've been through the ringer!

The UP side to this is that by the time it hits the 2nd child you kinda know what you are dealing with.

saia and chago said...

Well, that's definitely the truth, Sonya, but it honestly only makes me feel that much worse because it wasn't until I had it and then Chago got it that I fully grasped the concept of the uncontrollable and merciless empty heaves, which just one day prior had me telling Saia (after hour number nine), "now, Saia, you have to stop forcing yourself to throw up, baby."

Ugh! What a dumbass I was.

Kiles said...

I feel sorry for you all. I do hope that things are a little less "pukky" now...
By the way I loved your little 'chuck up'' icons...

saia and chago said...

Thanks, Kiles! If Hallmark doesn't make it, does.