Wednesday, April 26, 2006


So, apparently I was wrong. He threw up first thing this morning, and it was as if he had pulled his finger from a dike. [no comments from the peanut galleries in Austin or Massachusetts, please]

So, yeah, it went EVERYWHERE. the truck. Yes...again.

Obviously, the Durango's getting detailed this weekend -- if we can stand the smell for that long. I'm ready to just ditch this thing on the side of the road at this point. It's got so many layers of ... well, nevermind. Anyone looking for a cheap SUV?

But he said he felt much better afterwards, and after yesterday's great progress I really thought we had it beat (and yes, I was also being a bad Mama because I had a 7:30 meeting I just couldn't miss and Mommy was already at work), so I made the executive decision to clean him, change him, pack him back up, and take them to school.

Okay, okay, like most executive decisions for the last 2 presidential terms, it was obviously very ill-conceived.

He wasn't at school for 2 hours when I got a message on my work phone, a voicemail on my cell, and then a phone call. He was not doing well. Could I come and get him right away?

Picked him up and brought him back to work, called the doctor, but the earliest we could get in was 2 this afternoon. It didn't make any sense for us to drive all the way home when we'd just have to come back in a couple of hours, so he kept me company here, and did pretty well. He smiled and flirted like he'd never seen the bottom of a toilet bowl. We had lunch in the cafe and now he's curled up like a bug in a rug on his nap mat underneath my desk.

Napping in Mama's Office
About 30 minutes ago, though, I got another flurry of messages. Saia was crying of tummy pains and {insert preferred term for puking here} {insert shade of green here} {insert choice expletive here}. Could I come and get her right away?

Called the doctor back, doubled the appointment, and now just waiting for Prince Charmin to awaken so that we can scoop up the Princess of Pooptopia on our way to the pediatrician.

Hopefully this will all work itself out tonight because they've got their big TRIKE-A-THON for St. Jude's Children's Hospital at school tomorrow, and they're really excited about riding their new tricycles around the track.

Which reminds me, I'll be posting the pledge sheet on the blog tomorrow. You can donate a per lap amount (like .25, .50) or a flat amount (like $5, $10) towards their efforts if you like.

Keep your fingers crossed that they make it.

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