Friday, March 27, 2009


Yay!! Another blue card week. And really, thank God and all her santitos, because this week has really had its downer moments.

But lo and behold, they pulled it off, and so, as pinky-to-pinky-to-pinky-sworn last week, we would find a new park every Friday while the weather permitted to conquer and destroy. 

And (and here's the part where I must've been drunk) we would stay there as long as they wanted to. [But really, read: until the veins in Mama's temples are pulsating dangerously close to eruption or an hour before dinner time -- whichever comes first.]

So, determined to right all miscommunication, misunderstandings, and my perceived bad mama moments for the week in one fell swoop, I dutifully held up my end of the bargain and off we went.

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And truly, it was just as peaceful and serene as it appears in the slideshow (except for the random but painfully frequent screeching of my own spawn), that I really could've just plopped myself down right there by the side of the lake with an iced chai in one hand and a great book en la otra (or my new must-have, a Kindle, better still!!!).  

Only one thing...

I totally forgot about our little deal as I was getting dressed this morning, as I find it terribly difficult to keep track of time and days since leaving my job back in DecemberNovember. But a promise is a promise.  
So, I did it all in THIS get up.  

In 78-degree weather.  

Yes, with THAT bi-ass lime green 
purse on my arm.

And, in case you missed it, THESE on my little tootsies.

(Aren't they cute? Another fabulous Amy purchase.)

"He-he-he, you sure are brave to hike the trail in those," some scraggly old man jiggling as he jogged around the mountain thought it oh-so-important to impart.

"Did you see her shoes?" faux-whispered some designer sweatsuited women as they speed-walked (or is it sped-walked) past me...for the THIRD time.

And then my personal favorite from the toothless redneck with the bucket of fish and an duct-taped Igloo, "Hot enough for ya?!  Ay?" as I trekked back down the hill trying to tell myself that my face was just glistening, that the heels were making my calves ripple, and that it was just a cool breeze I felt rolling down between my breasts.

[pant. pant. glistening. pant.]

Yeah.  Heh-heh-heh.  Shutthefuckup.

Now, tell me I don't love my children more than my shoes life, dammit!!!

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