Monday, March 16, 2009


Okay, posting all out of order this week, but I will get everything up by Wednesday, dammit!

Kids submitted their very first attempt at the Doodle for Google contest.  You know how Google changes their logo for every holiday and special occasion?  Well, they also have this annual  contest in which school-age kids compete in a handful of categories for scholarships.  

This year's theme was WHAT I WISH FOR THE WORLD.

After a number of attempts to get them to just try to think of something other than, "I wish the world was a giant ball of jello," or "I wish the whole world was made of whipped cream," I finally got them to draw something that fit within the parameters of the contest rules.  Well, sorta.  At least we could submit it.

See if you can guess which one is Saia's and which one is Chago's.

"I wish everyone could come to a birthday party for the world because then at least there would be one day without war."
"If all the animals and all the people could just live together in peace, it would be a much better world.  So, when your mother tells you to 'STOP ACTING LIKE AN ANIMAL!' you can say, 'But mom, I'm just saving the planet.'"


amazonfm said...

Saia top, and Chago bottom?


I know, I know, waaay too easy.