Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Really love that they're getting older.  That the things we wouldn't even have dreamed of doing a couple of years ago suddenly become part of our new and regular routine.  Like bowling, for instance.  

We've tried it once or twice before, sure, but on the whole it was waaaay more work than it was worth.  And, truthfully, it was really kinda painful -- particularly without beer in hand. But now that they're strong enough to carry their own balls and can actually make it all the way to the line without just dropping the ball on the floor...or on SOMEone's poor unsuspecting foot...or into the not-so-terribly-pleased neighbor's lane, we don't even miss not having the beer around.  Well, yeah, ok, maybe just a little. But the seasoned curly fries kinda make up for that.

And now that they can actually take instruction and make some genuine attempts to aim and even pick up a spare here and there (with the grateful assistance of bumpers, of course), they're just a whole lot more fun to hang out with. And even the occasional tantrums over missed pins are somewhat tolerable, seeing as how we ALL tend to take turns sharing THAT sentiment throughout the course of a game.

All told, though, we had a great time. Until the bill arrived, that is, and we were shocked to see we hadn't actually spent any less than when we go to the movies or to the museums or to play putt-putt (that's mini-golf to you non-Texans). And I remember when I was a kid that it used to be really cheap to go bowling. And they even had beer there, too! (Was that just a Texas thing, too?) And yes, walking to school uphill in the snow with no shoes on and all that. But seriously, does anyone know of any family activity ideas that won't cost us an arm and a leg? And don't bother with the hiking, biking, outdoorsy things. Just...don't.

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Amy says I romanticize so many events in my life, which also conveniently allows me to block out the bad and exaggerate the good, and in so doing this time around, apparently, I forgot to mention the overwhelming stench of feet that overtook us when we walked in the door.

Yeah, I could do without that next time.